Sebastien Corchia, jugador del Sevilla FC
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The Frenchman was clear on his ambitions: to return from injury, get back in the team and to win titles with Sevilla FC

Sebastien Corchia spoke to SFC Radio this Wednesday, where he touched on his recovery, Sevilla FC's current form, his future in the side and three crucial matches against Valencia, Manchester United, and Barcelona in the Final of the Copa del Rey. The French right-back was clear about his "ambition" and showed a desire to do "win with his club". 

"I'm now running and doing physical and ball work. It's easier now"

First and foremost, though, he talked about confronting one of the worst injuries of his career: "I hope I can come back soon, I am a lot better. It's been the first time and it's been a bit difficult because when I got injured I was doing well on the pitch. But I'm working to come back at the same level. It was mentally difficult at the start because you see your teammates training and you're in the treatment room... But I'm running now and working physically and with the ball. It's easier now".

His recovery will put him in a fight with Jesús Navas who has filled in well at right-back but now, like Corchia, is injured: "Jesús helps a lot, he's a great player who likes to play on the wing and I understand him really well. He's a great player and a great person. His performances in defence haven't surprised me. He's quick and he's played really well there.  But I want to come back soon and then it will be up to the coach", he added smiling.

And Corchia hasn't lost his smile, especially after seeing his side find their best form once again. It's something that "gives confidence. Confidence is pretty much everything for a player and now we play more together, the relationships are better. Before there were a lot of changes and that didn't do the dynamics any good. When Montella arrived it was a bit difficult but the team has started playing, we're quicker, we attack a lot and we defend well. That's what Sevilla's game should be: enthusiastic and aggressive".

The Frenchman saw the turning point as the win against Atlético in the Wanda Metropolitano: "That match changed everything. It was a very special fixture and we saw that playing together and with enthusiasm we can beat whoever. It was a match that changed our season".

"It was the first time I experienced a crowd like that"

He also confessed that the Sevilla fans also played a special part: "It's the first time I had experienced that, when I'm on the field and I see it I really feel it... It's really important for me. That's why it's difficult for other teams to win in Nervión. I'm now watching matches from the stands and I don't like it, I want to be on the pitch. It's difficult to not play when you see the atmosphere they're experiencing". 

And the fans have not been shy in showing him love on the street: "I like the city, it's people and the club... I'm really happy to be here and for me it's the best club to do big things. I'm getting to know the city bit by bit, it's magnificent and the people are really friendly, it's a pleasure to get to know it. They've also told me about Easter and Feria... and I'm here to see those things in the city, to discover... and to win titles!", he added - laughing to leave no room for misinterpretation. 

Corchia couldn't choose between the match against Manchester United or the Cup final: "I want both, to win everything. Saturday is also a huge game against Valencia and afterwards we have to think about United. With the confidence we have we can do some good stuff at Old Trafford. But Saturday is a really important game, it will be difficult but with our fans we can do it". 

"Banega has really impressed me, he sees passes no one else can"

He admitted that he made his mind up about Sevilla FC the second he knew about interest, as Bielsa had talked to him about Berizzo: "He told me he would help me". He also talked about some teammates: "Banega is a player who has impressed me. When he has the ball, he sees passes that only he can", he said, adding that he trains with the Argentine on set-pieces. He said he was happy "everything is better now with Nzonzi" and to be in the same back-line Simon Kjaer who he coincided with at Lille: "He's a great player, very strong in defence and I'm used to playing with him". 

Asked about his chances in the national side: "It's an aim, of course, to get back in the national team but now I'm only thinking about Sevilla FC. It's really important for me to only think about my club, about winning titles. I'm ambitious and I like that. Because the most beautiful thing to do is to win titles with your club. For yourself and for everyone". 

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