Exhibition on the Epiphany in the club museum
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The museum will be open from 20 December to 7 January with normal opening times with some exceptions. Visitors will be able to enjoy a temporary exhibition on the history of the Epiphany and Sevilla FC. You can now buy tickets with no set-dates as a present so the person can go whenever they want.

Over the Christmas period, the RSP Stadium Tour will have special opening times so that people will be able to visit during this period of relaxation and spending time with family. Specifically, the Museum will be open every day with the normal opening times from 20 December to 7 January, with the exception of 25 December and 1 January when it will be closed. Additionally, on 24 and 31, it will be open until 15:00 CET, with last entry at 13:15 CET. With the match against Atlético Madrid on 6 January at 16:15 CET, the museum will be closed that date, with it being open on January 5 from 10:00-15:00 CET and it will be open from 13:00 CET on January 7.

Furthermore, during this period, The RSP Stadium Tour will hold a temporary exhibition dedicated to the relation between the Epiphany and Sevilla FC. Visitors will be able to view the club's donations over the years to the Cavalcade of Magi and other gifts given to the Athenaeum. The most valued item in the collection, among others, is the first Wishing Star that was in the first Cabalgata parade in 1918, created by the Sevillista José María Izquierdo.

Likewise, you can now purchase through this link tickets for the museum which have no set-date so that the person receiving it as a present can go whenever they want.


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